6 Supplements That Can Help Cyclists

6 Supplements That Can Help Cyclists

Whoever wants to maximize the benefits that cycling brings to the body, needs a healthy and balanced diet that makes our exercises have better effects. 

However, many times, our routine imposes difficulties in preparing this diet, which is why many cyclists resort to the use of supplements. See which ones can help us to maintain good health and fitness.


Multivitamin supplements help our body maintain the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. By having several types of nutrients in their composition, multivitamins can help a lot the cyclist’s routine. The ideal is to take it as soon as you wake up. In addition to improving physical performance, they also boost immunity, which helps prevent disease.


Probiotic supplements are essential to regulate some functions of our body, mainly the intestinal flora. They escape the fame of supplements to gain muscle or lose weight, but they contribute a lot to healthy living. 

With them, your digestion will be lighter and faster, decreasing the chance of problems during cycling after lunch, for example.


Cyclists are already used to hydrating themselves a lot, drinking water and isotonic drinks. Therefore, supplements of this type can be a good alternative to improve the quality of pedaling, since dehydration causes our body to lose a lot of sodium, causing some complications, including cramps.

Whey protein

One of the most famous and used supplements around the world, Whey Protein helps a lot in the recovery of muscles after long rides. Therefore, it can be very useful for those who plan to start cycling for long journeys and do not want to suffer so much with the adaptation. It can also be indicated for those who aim to gain muscle mass while cycling .


Beta-alanine improves physical performance, in addition to reducing the feeling of fatigue after pedaling, greatly improving training performance. 

This supplement has these characteristics because it acts directly on increasing muscle strength.


The iron supplement contributes a lot to the quality of the exercises, because the lack of it in the body can even cause shortness of breath. 

Despite being a nutrient present in various foods, such as grains and dark green leaves, supplementation may be necessary in extreme cases, especially for women, as the body suffers from nutrient deficiencies during the menstrual period.

Essential care

It is always important to remember that you can never consume these supplements that we quote on your own. It is mandatory to seek a professional in the area, who will analyze your body and its characteristics, including your daily routine. 

This way, he can indicate which ones are useful or not for you.