Best Chemical Toilet For Camping

During outdoor activities, finding a toilet may not always be such an easy task. That’s why choosing the best chemical toilet is the ideal alternative.

Poor quality equipment may not only be unsanitary, but can also make the environment dirty. A poor quality toilet can spread germs and bacteria. It will not be easy to empty the toilet and fluids may be discharged everywhere.

The following selection will help you make the best choice. This comparison presents the best products on the market, according to the opinions of users. It will allow you to identify the best value for money or the cheapest model.

What is the best portable toilet for camping?

The best model should be  easy to use and clean. It should also be comfortable and hygienic (it should not spread odors and it should not retain bacteria).

Whether in the form of a dry toilet or a manual flush toilet, the best model should not require any connections or a drainage system. 

Portable, not very heavy and not taking up much space, easy to carry during a trip. Finally, you should be able to use it for several days by several people without affecting the comfort of the users.

The Best Chemical Toilet

#1: Thetford Corp White 365

This portable model from Thetford is a top-of-the-line model. If you are looking for a luxury chemical toilet, this is the model for you. Ideal for the whole family, with a seat height of 408 mm and a weight of 4 kg, it’s the perfect choice for a luxury chemical toilet.

It’s versatile, suitable for several uses in camping, hiking, at the beach, on a boat or in the garden as a second toilet. This model has a unique design: its shape and comfortable seat height. It features innovative features and striking designs.

It is easy to use and requires no connection to a drainage or water supply system. It comes with a disposer for emptying. It’s also easy to maintain, simply clean it with suitable chemicals and rinse it with water.


#2: Branq 22 litre Portable Camping Festival Toilet

This Branq model is ideal for camping, sailing, or wherever the access to toilets is limited. It is also large enough to be used by the whole family.

It has the tank capacity of 22 liters and it’s made of plastic. Thanks to its lid, it can also be used as a bucket. Equipped with a toilet seat and lid, this model prevents the spread of unpleasant odors. It also has a roller that can be used as a handle.

Easy to clean, this product can be washed with suitable chemicals and maintained with sawdust. It requires no connection to a drainage system or septic tank.

#3: Enders 4950 Camping Toilet

This model from Enders is a top-of-the-range equipment. It is the model with the best price/quality ratio in terms of portable toilets. This portable toilet has different functionalities. Among others, there is a castor for easy transport when camping, boating or hiking. It is suitable for both adults and children.

With a large tank, it can be used up to 50 times before emptying. It comes with a high efficiency electric pump for regular maintenance. It also has its own rinsing water system.

Easy to use, this equipment also has a pivoting filling arm for easy water filling. An indicator light is activated during filling while a drain arm with a purge valve allows easy emptying of this equipment.

#4: Stimex - Portable Toilet

This portable chemical toilet from the Stimex brand is ideal for outdoor activities, festivals, camping, hiking and many others. Thanks to its capacity, it can accommodate 1 or 2 people.

This luxurious equipment has a 15 liter tank and a 17 liter rinsing water tank. The water tanks are easily and quickly detachable for quick use of the equipment.

Easy to set up, the chemical toilet has a swivel spout and a pressure relief cap. This equipment is also easy to use and maintain. The flushing system is easy to control thanks to a bellows pump.

In addition, the toilet has a cover to prevent the spread of germs and odors. The toilet seat makes it convenient for women and children. It also has a wrist for easy transportation.

What to consider when buying a chemical toilet?

For a better purchase, here are some criteria to consider:

Waste treatment

Most models come with biodegradable bags to contain waste water. They work with a chemical powder that transforms sanitary liquid waste into solids for easy management. They are easier to use outdoors. As for toilet paper, a quick-disintegrating toilet paper is more efficient.

Volume of the chemical toilet

Volume is important as it determines the maximum load capacity of the toilet. This makes it possible to predict for how many people is the equipment suitable and whether the equipment is functional for a whole day or just a few hours.

Ease of use

Although parking areas and marinas usually have a dedicated toilet area, it is often necessary to install your chemical toilet every time you stop.

This is a factor to consider as you will have to do the assembly and disassembly of your toilet pretty often.


Chemical toilets come in many shapes and sizes. This depends in particular on the volume of waste they can absorb, but also on their physical size.

The dimensions must be taken into account, especially if you plan on taking them on your travels. If you go by car, you might not have a problem with a larger one but if you go camping with minimal equipment, then you might want to look for something smaller and easier to transport.


Although there are ecological chemical toilets that are provided with a shelter, this is very rare. However, it is possible to purchase separate shelters that will provide more privacy.


The quality of the construction is what distinguishes the big brands from the small ones, which is important if you want a chemical toilet that is easy to use and above all, durable.


Some toilets might be cheaper than others, simply because the more expensive models offer different accessories such as cover, glasses, various features. Take a moment to consider which one of these features is important to you, and choose your product accordingly.

Different types of chemical toilets and their uses

There are generally three types of chemical camping toilets:

1. Bucket toilets

Bucket camping toilets are the most common and cheapest model of all. Basically, it’s just a simple toilet seat that fits on a specially designed bucket.

The bucket becomes the main compartment used to hold the waste. However, it is too large for children, it is not disposable, and it does not come with a lid. If you need a lid for your bucket toilet, the best you can do is to improvise.

2. Foldable camping toilets

These type of toilets have foldable feet that allow for easy storage when not in use. They should still be used with caution, as the feet may not be stable. Also, you must be extra careful as this type of toilet can retain odors. This can be unpleasant if it is used in the tent or motor home.

3. Portable camping toilets

It is a modern designed camping toilet, known for its sturdy style and for all your camping toilet needs. They come in different sizes, and the shorter models are particularly ideal for camps with children.

Having a manual flush, this toilet can be emptied. It also has a separate waste area.

How do I empty a portable toilet safely?

If you have a water emptying system and a basin, you need to locate specific emptying stations.

For bag disposal portable toilets, you must dispose of the waste safely. Generally, you should bury them as deep as possible to make sure you don’t throw them away everywhere. In addition, you must choose the right places to bury them.

These bags are designed to be biodegradable. You will need to dig a 6″ hole in the ground, making sure it is at least 100 meters from any water source, so as not to contaminate the water of animals, organic life or other campers with the chemical. Bury your garbage properly.

This also applies if you use an open-bottomed toilet and the waste is not kept in a bag.

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