Best Portable Solar Charger

When you’re outdoors for multiple days, you might find yourself in need of some of your electric devices – from hunting cameras to mobile phones and even laptops. Nowadays, portable chargers are very popular, but you need to make sure to pick a good one, the best if possible.

A poor quality model is not recommended even if it’s cheaper, they are usually not powerful enough for a full charge and some might even damage the device. In addition, it may overheat the first time you use it because it does not have the best protection.

What is the best portable solar charger?

The best portable power bank is one that is a high-end model with good power to charge several devices at once.

With innovative technology, it should be able to determine the charging capacity that a device needs. It should be compatible with many devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. It can also be used as a flashlight at night.

In order to make the best choice, here is a comparison of the best products on the market, from our selection. It will allow you to identify the best value for money and the cheapest model according to the opinions of users.

The Best Portable Solar Charger

#1: Soluser Solar Charger 20000mAh

Perfect for outdoor use, camping, hiking or water activities, the portable power bank from Soluser is an essential piece of equipment. It has a fast intelligent charge and an intelligent integrated circuit.

This power bank has a power of 20,000 mAh and three USB 5V/3 outputs for charging three devices simultaneously. Its fast input allows you to greatly reduce the charging time.

Soluser’s portable solar charger is made from environmentally friendly silica gel, ABS, TPU, PC with fire retardant materials. The process of painting the rubber surface and waterproof material makes this product unbreakable, fireproof and slip-proof. It is also waterproof and dustproof.

This equipment is compatible with Apple and Android devices. It has 18 LED lights with 4 modes to light you at night.

#2: RAVPower Solar Charger 24W

This solar panel charger from Ravpower is equipped with 24W solar cell technology. It increases the charging efficiency by up to 21-23%. This equipment has 3 USB ports that allow 3 devices to be charged simultaneously.

Lightweight and portable, this charger is suitable for outdoor use. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere, for all your outdoor activities: hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc…

Equipped with the innovative iSmart technology, this charger has an intelligent charge. It automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current to connected devices. Depending on direct sunlight, all three ports are capable of delivering 2.4A.

Durable and convenient, this portable device is constructed of durable, waterproof nylon. It has four hooks for hanging it from a tree or your backpack. However, it is recommended not to put it on concrete.

#3: elzle Solar Charger 150000mAh

This external battery is your best ally for outdoor activities (hiking, camping, climbing, camping, fishing, etc.). This device can also be used safely in an airplane.

This portable battery is ideal for charging your iPhone, Samsung or Huwaei Smartphone, it is compatible with many Apple and Android devices. The device offers a recharge up to 8 times your iPhone XS.

This device has two charging methods and fast charging technology. It can be charged with a 5V/2A adapter or from a solar charger.

This solar battery pack protects the integrated circuit in case of overcharging, intensive discharge, overvoltage or short circuit. The charger includes an LED lamp and a hanging cord for easy transport. It has a solar indicator and 4 status indicators indicating the charge level.

#4: Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

This model from Anker is equipped with intelligent and fast technology. The PowerIQ technology enables a fast charging power of up to 2.4A per port or 3A in total in direct sunlight. The technology automatically adjusts the intensity to suit your device.

With this device, you can benefit from limited access to an inexhaustible power source. Its 21 W microcrystalline solar panels have an energy efficiency of 21-23% and provide enough electricity to charge two appliances at the same time.

The PET panels are reinforced and sewn into a sturdy polyester fabric that offers weather resistance.

With its innovative design, this unit is easy to use. It has 4 stainless steel notches for easy attachment to a backpack, tree or tent. Its weight of 400 g makes it easy to carry.

What can you charge with a portable solar charger?

A portable solar charger is the best source of electricity to power multiple devices when you go camping or out in the wilderness for several days without any power source available nearby.

Depending on the power, you will be able to charge one or more devices. Here are some of the devices that can be charged using one of these products:

  • Mobile phones
  • iPhone
  • Laptop
  • Computers
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Lighters
  • LED lights
  • Batteries 12V

Different types of portable solar chargers

There are three types of solar chargers which are:


They generally require less space, but are not always the best for the load. If you want to save square footage, or in the case of phone chargers, you may want to choose a monocrystalline model.


The difference between this and monocrystalline lies in the material that makes up each solar cell. In this case, it is the silicon substrate.

In short, a polycrystalline panel has several cells, while a mono has a large cell to absorb solar energy.

CIGS panels

Made of copper, indium, gallium and selenide (CIGS), the key components of thin-film photovoltaic technology are fragile, but not when it comes to power.

They require less film and, overall, are much better for the environment and, in some cases, provide you with more power per charge and good charging quality.

How to choose a portable solar charger?

To help you make the best choice, here are some criteria to look for:


Depending on the outdoor activity you want to do, the weight becomes less or more important. For example, if you are looking for a solar phone charger for camping, a lightweight device will not be as important.

You can place the device suspended on the tent or in the ground. If you want to save it, you can simply put it back in the tent or camping vehicle.

But if you are hiking or trekking, every extra gram counts. The best solar chargers for the backpack should be lightweight and be the first variable to consider. Otherwise, you’ll begin to think that the charger does more harm than good.


When going outdoors, chances are you will have to carry water, bags, lanterns and other objects, and your backpack will likely end up filled with other items.

Therefore, adding a charger to the inside of the backpack is not always possible. The best portable solar charger for hiking includes a steel buckle or steel holes for easy transport on the outside of the backpack.

In other words, the ability to suspend the device is very important. However, if you are going camping, this can be considered as an additional variable, as the device will not be constantly moving and will not represent a valuable space inside the backpack


The unfolded dimensions are important to get an idea of the surface area needed to load several devices. That being said, the folded dimensions are also crucial, as they will give you an idea of the space you will need in your backpack or tent.

Power and efficiency

The next thing you need to look at is the specs. The effectiveness of portable products is essential. This is a parameter in which you cannot save money, as this would lead to a disappointing performance each time you use it.

Decent efficiency values should be between 19% and 25%. In this case, buying brands that use cells made from the most efficient brand on the market (Sun Power) is probably a good idea, as you will receive an additional power supply.

The output power is also very important, as it will give you an idea of your device’s ability to handle a single USB device or charge multiple devices.


Another important detail are the accessories included in the product. Does it have a single USB port? Or two USB ports? Are adapters included? Does it have a built-in LED light or any other built-in functionality?

Taking into account any additional features or interesting accessories included without representing a significant additional cost is a variable to consider in the selection process.

Cigarette lighters, overload or short circuit protection, and also power generators are typical accessories or features that are always well received by the customer.


Many products are equipped with a PET polymer-based protection that ensures that the unit will be protected against moisture or possible dropping in harsh environments. Take a look at this feature.

Also, if you are kayaking, fishing or sailing, make sure the product you buy is waterproof.


Since their job is to stay exposed to the outdoors elements, we had high hopes for these models in terms of their ability to withstand confrontations in deserts, mountains, sun, wind and rain.

The protective canvas fabric is like an exoskeleton protecting the inside of the panels. Solar technology also seems to be evolving as companies strive to make cells more durable and more resistant to sun and water.

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