5 Reasons Why You Should Try Clipless Pedals

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Clipless Pedals

Do you want your pedal stroke to be more powerful and have more control of the bike? What you need are clipless pedals.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should use them and become one with your bike.

1. Your pedaling is more efficient

By having your feet connected directly to the pedals, the energy transfer you apply when pedaling is more efficient.

This use of energy is possible thanks to the fact that the shoes will be attached to the pedals, this allows the appropriate position for a good transfer of energy. In addition, the shoes are stiffer than a normal shoe, so losses due to its flexing are reduced.

2. They allow a good position of the feet

Good pedaling technique begins with proper foot position relative to the pedal. Clipless pedals, with well-adjusted cleats, will allow your feet to always be in an optimal position. That is, with the ball of the foot on the axis of the pedal and with the lateral angle that allows you a comfortable and efficient pedaling.

It must be emphasized that the cleats are an important part to obtain that alignment of the lower drive train. They must be correctly positioned to achieve the precise position of the feet and avoid generating some type of injury in the short or long term. A bikefit will ensure the best position for you.

3. Provide stability to the feet

Stable feet on the pedals, prevent your feet from slipping off the pedal and ensure better control of the bike.

You will be able to pedal with the same power and control of the bicycle on any type of terrain, avoid obstacles on the way without having to worry that your foot will escape the pedal.

4. They improve the power of your pedaling

The use of clips also helps you generate a more consistent cadence and a more uniform application of force that allows you to generate more power.

This uniformity in the pedaling cycle is achieved by being connected to the pedals. In this way, you not only apply force when you push the pedal, but you also pull in the part of the cycle where the foot goes up.

5. They offer greater control

Clipless pedals will give you a high level of control while riding fast, executing movements like jumping over obstacles, or at times when you need a blast of pedaling power.

The best control arises from the combination of other factors mentioned above. Efficient use of force, improved power and being attached to the pedals will allow you to exercise better control on the bike.

Important considerations for clipless pedals

  • You need special shoes
  • There are different clipless pedal systems
    • Shimano SPD (MTB)
    • Shimano SPD SL (Road)
    • Look Keo (Route)
    • Speedplay (Route)
    • Time Xpresso (Route)
  • The shoes must be compatible with the type of cleat
  • There are dual purpose pedals, on one side they have a platform and on the other the clip