How To Clean Your Cycling Water Bottle

How To Clean Your Cycling Water Bottle

To fully enjoy a bike ride, it is better to surround yourself with maintained and clean equipment. The same goes for cyclist accessories like the water bottle. Here are some tips for keeping your bicycle container clean!

Quench your thirst by bike

It is always at hand. The bicycle bottle accompanies most cyclists on every bike ride. Because it is important to stay hydrated when you ride, you can thus carry water, fruit juice, or other in greater or lesser quantity according to the capacity of your accessory, without forgetting the route and the duration that you envisage.

However, it is just as essential to clean this as well. First of all, to remove any dirt that can get stuck, to prevent the development of bacteria or to prevent odors from becoming embedded. The maintenance of the exterior walls is quite simple. You can clean the container covered, for example, with dust or pollen, with a cloth or with hot water and soap. Do not neglect to maintain the interior!

Wash your bicycle bottle well

Before leaving, give your bottle a little water. Let dry then insert your drink. After going out, do not let the liquid sleep too much in your gourd. Start by emptying it into the sink. In its fall, it will cause possible residues that could have slipped inside. Rinse several times your accessory in hot water and dry thoroughly. 

Don’t forget the stopper. Remember to do this fairly regularly, ideally after each outing, for effective maintenance.

If you have left your drink in the bottle for too long, especially if it is sugary drinks such as soda or fruit juice, stains may resurface. It is then advisable to move on to more complete and thorough cleaning. You can then use special effervescent tablets for the maintenance of the cans or mix a little white vinegar or edible baking soda with hot water. 

Leave on for a few minutes and rub with a brush to thoroughly cleanse. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly and dry well before reuse. For those who don’t want to bother, there is also the option of cleaning in the dishwasher. 

A simple and effective solution but check before your water bottle can go through it!