How To Keep Visible While Cycling While Protecting The Environment

How To Keep Visible While Cycling While Protecting The Environment

It is at the end of October that we switch to winter time. Night comes much earlier, so cyclists are more exposed to the dangers of the road. It is therefore important to preserve their safety, and why not that of their environment?

Here are 2-in-1 battery-less lights: they have little impact on the environment and they greatly contribute to the visibility of cyclists.

Lights with USB charging

For example, the lights of the Barbieri brand are both powerful and modern. With an aluminum body, they are just as light as they are waterproof.

Lights with USB charging: Power

The front lighting has a white LED of 40 lumens , while the rear lighting has a red LED of 15 lumens . They have 3 adjustment modes:

  • Strong (autonomy 3 hours)
  • Average (battery life 6 hours)
  • Flash (25 hour battery life)

Lights with USB charging: Charging

No more battery needed! These lights are simply recharged using a USB cable . It takes about 2h30 to get a full load.

Lights with USB charging: Fixing

These ecological lights are installed on the handlebars and on the seat post. Their installation is done quickly thanks to their fastener which is both resistant and adjustable. They are suitable for tube diameters between 20 and 40 mm .

Lights with magnetic charging

The Reelight brand specializes in magnetic and powerful bicycle lights that do not require batteries. Here is an example with the Reelight City .

Lights with magnetic charging: Power

These front and rear lights offer a continuous brightness mode  (lasting approximately 10,000 hours).

Lights with magnetic charging: Charging

Their supply is done simply by eddy currents, ie by a magnetic field . There is therefore no friction or contact, for a long life of the lights.

Lights with magnetic charging: Fixing

Their fixing works by a system of clips : their installation and removal are simplified. They are installed at the level of the fork while the other at the level of the seat stay. When not in use, it is possible to magnetize them and carry them in your pocket.