How To Shorten a Bicycle Chain

How To Shorten a Bicycle Chain

Our post on the transmission of the bicycle would not be complete without information on the installation of the chain of the bicycle. Do you need to shorten a bicycle chain to be able to use it? No problem, we’ll show you how!

Detach links

To shorten a bicycle chain , you must derive it. In other words, remove links in order to adapt it so that it meets your needs. Usually, when you get a new string, it is longer than necessary. 

Hence the usefulness of shortening it to find the right length according to your chainring and your pinion. To drift, you must then separate two links in order to open the chain to adjust it, that is to say, to remove one or more links and obtain the desired length.

How to shorten a bicycle chain?

Take a chain tool to proceed. To fully understand how this tool works, it is important to know that the links of a chain are connected to each other by rivets. The chain tool, therefore, allows you to push the rivet of the chain to allow this separation of two links.

However, be careful, it is advisable not to take this small axis completely out of the link plates and to leave it still a little held (as in the picture) in order to facilitate reassembly later.

Once the opening is done, remove the excess link (s). Then close the chain with the chain tool. Once your chain has been closed and adapted to the right length, all you have to do is put it in place and make the final adjustments, especially at the wheel.

And there you have it, you now know how to shorten a bicycle chain, all with just one tool. Also note that for a quick release chain, you will have to follow the same procedure to shorten it.