Top 10 Best Dog Backpacks in 2020

Dog Backpacks are an awesome, innovative solution that provides you and your pet the ability to adventure out together and be able to carry along your things. Even better, it allows you to share the weight, and with just the right dog backpack you’re sure to share the work. There are various types of dog backpacks available, from sports to a carry sack, and even a ‘saddle bag’ – each designed for personalized comfort and function.

We know what to look for in a dog backpack, from the materials that are used to make it (such as mesh, cotton, or ballistic nylon), to how many pockets it has and the zipper size. With more options available for design such as Velcro or straps, and whether or not it’s waterproof, you’re sure to find your perfect fit for you and your dog – so read on!

The Best Dog Backpack

#1 Ruffwear - Aproach Full-Day Hiking Pack

For the best dog backpack that is going to hold up to regular wear, hiking trips, and still fit nicely for a simple walk around the neighborhood the Ruffwear Dog Backpack’s a great solution.

Customers both new and experienced have stated that this by far trumps previous models and versions of the doggy backpack. And, it’s made from solid enough stitching that it won’t break or give unnecessary ‘slack’ over time. This Ruffwear is considered a larger dog backpack, so those with bigger dogs make the most sense. Also, customers happily reported being able to hold a 1-liter water bladder with no issue along with other items.

An important variable for dog backpacks is how they fit, hold, snug or ‘ride’ your pet when walking, or climbing. In the case of the Ruffwear Dog Backpack, you can expect the straps and pack to ride forward over the shoulders, which, for most dogs makes sense as this is their strongest point in the body for carrying, pushing, and pulling. 

Another quality of the Ruffwear dog backpack is that no customers have complained of their pet accidentally peeing on the straps – like other models, or cheaper versions might cause.

One of the differences customers enjoy about this dog backpack, in particular, is the Y-shaped breast strap, which offers both stability and security for your dog while carrying. Even better, it does not put pressure on your pet’s neck, and doesn’t slip or slide as long as it’s strapped in properly.

Ultimately, this is a great dog backpack, and hands down one of the most durable, flexible, and well-made products on the market. It is great for balance, and dogs seem to love wearing it. Other than perhaps expanding on their color selection, customers had little to no complaints.

#2 K9 Sport Sack

If you have a smaller dog (15lbs to 25lbs) and are looking for the best, most comfortable backpack for transportation, then the K9 Sports Sack is one of the most practical, ideal products available. Customers have been able to successfully use this dog backpack to go camping, hiking, bike riding, and even on their motorcycle with both ease and comfort. And, dogs love this backpack because it is designed to be easy for them to look over your shoulders while out and about.

The K9 Sports Sack design is also a lot more practical than the frontal dog backpacks because they prevent you from being able to do simple tasks – like tying your shoes.

Best of all, your dog can be close to you, while still keeping you both comfortable. While this is not the ‘coolest’ dog backpack as far as ventilation goes, it does seem effective and has one small mesh vent.

A few customers have pointed out that after a while your dog can get heavy, so it’s ideal to take breaks every hour to let you and your pet stretch. As far as size and fit go, getting a larger size is ideal, and will likely improve comfort for both you and your pet. Some customers recommended the idea of adding extra shoulder padding – although, admit that the included chest strap already helps to manage the weight and pressure for the most part.

Ultimately, for a lot of dog backpacks and owners, how well your dog will fit, and how well they will do often comes down to personality, size, and preference. Just remember, take good care of your pet, bring food and water, and chances are you’ll both find the K9 Sports Sack to be a great fit.

#3 Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack

A great dog backpack for larger dogs (90lbs to 100lbs+), the Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack is a very popular choice. A lot of customers with Rottweilers, Labradors, and even Golden Retrievers have had great luck with this backpack. And, it seems this doggy backpack is basic enough, yet durable in just the right ways to get the job done.

The Kurgo Dog Backpack holds up well against dirt, regular use, and even against pets that will spin around or try to chew it off. Which, is very helpful when first ‘breaking in’ your dog to wear a dog backpack.

Also, customers were happy with the Kurgo Baxter because there were enough pockets and zippers to store multiple water bottles, treats, and other keys and gear with space left over. Others, found this dog backpack to be perfect for storing one liter of water on each side. Also, the backpack seems to hold up fairly well against water should your dog decide to take a dip – which is a nice bonus.

With just three buckles, pulling over the backpack onto your dog is made relatively easy – especially in comparison to other dog harnesses and backpacks out there.

Overall, this is a very reliable, secure dog backpack that will get the job done and hold up against extensive wear. Few customers have complained that balancing the backpack on their dog is difficult – but, this takes time and is subjective to you and your pet’s experience using them. Also, perhaps putting the leash clip on the front as opposed to the back – as mentioned with a few other dog backpacks, would have been a more ideal design.

Ultimately, ensure you take care of your Kurgo Baxter Backpack, don’t leave it outside, and don’t leave your dog alone with it to chew on – always supervise your pet!

There is definitely a distinctive difference between a dog backpack and a harness. So, if you’re looking for a strong, practical, and spacious dog backpack then the OneTigris is perfect.

The OneTrigris Cotton Canvas Dog Backpack is great for camping, will easily allow you to carry toys for your dog, canned goods, and even fit in a sandwich or two for yourself. This dog backpack is made of a nice, heavy-duty canvas with visibly quality stitching- a quality that’s held up for months without any signs of wear and tear for numerous customers.

Also, this is the perfect backpack to get for your dog if you want to train him not to pull, drag, get distracted, or simply give him something to do – especially on longer journeys. Naturally, dogs can either get bored on hiking trips and long walks or, get impatient with you straggling behind. So, this dog backpack makes great sense and allows your dog to carry his or her own things while being comparably challenged and stay behind you.

This is perfect for dogs anywhere from 20lbs to 90lbs or more, and one customer even reported it being perfect for his Mastiff. Just remember, this is a dog backpack, not a harness. It comes in various helpful, practical sizes depending on your dog, and is definitely one of our top picks for being the best dog backpack.

The Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack is rated as one of our Top 10 Best Dog Backpacks thanks to its diversity and flexibility to be used with both large and smaller dogs. This is an excellent dog backpack for holding foods, treats, water, plastic bags, keys, and more. And, thanks to adjustable straps at several points, comfort, and firmness, as well as security, are ensured when you put the Outward Hound on your pet.

This seems to be an especially popular dog backpack for Pitbull’s, as well as those newer to using and wearing them. If you and your dog are looking for the best dog backpack to wear and get accustomed to, and this is your first time, then likely there isn’t a better product available.

The Outward Hound is durable and made strong enough to last out in the wild and hiking, but, also practical and light enough to be used for a simple walk around the block – or even around your home. Also, it’s ideal for teaching your dog how to carry and be comfortable with a dog backpack, and, can have weight comfortably and conveniently added to it over time. If your dog is between 50lbs to 100lbs this is the best backpack to go with.

Lastly, while it’s well made and won’t twist up, customers do recommend to remain mindful of how well you balance out your dog’s backpack – as no product design can guarantee a flawless application if the weight distribution is off.

#6: Outward Hound DayPak

Like most Outward Hound Dog products and accessories, the DayPack Adjustable Saddlebag is a very versatile, light, and mobile dog backpack solution for owners. The weight of this dog backpack is distributed on the shoulders, not the back, which is a huge design bonus and means your dog will be able to walk longer, with more weight, more comfortably.

In comparison to other Outward Hound’s this dog backpack seems to be the most compact, and can easily be carried by you, or squeezed into your own bag should your dog become tired out.

Customers have reported that this is one of the best dog backpacks for those that like taking their dogs on adventures in the wild that might include hiking, walking, jumping, running, or even light swimming. It is built durably, will hold up well, and the belly strap really helps to prevent the bag sliding from side to side. This is a great dog backpack if you have an energetic, active, training dog like a German Shepard or Blue Heeler. Also, dogs that don’t usually like a harness or are stubborn to wear a leash surprisingly took well to wearing this backpack.

Overall, this is a great dog backpack, and with a trusted brand, the majority if not all feedback has been positive from both new and experienced dog owners.

#7: Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch

The Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch dog backpack is a great solution for your next outdoor adventure with your furry friend – even biking. This backpack is designed to keep your pet safe from the wind, and is small enough and light to be comfortably worn long-distance. It is also tall enough that (smaller) dogs have extra space at the bottom to relax or sleep.

This is thanks to the quality build and ventilation, which is a huge plus for any doggy backpack. Customers have reported that the Kyjen PoochPouch fits small, so if in doubt, go for the larger size. On average, customers with about 5lb to 10lb dogs seem to do well with this adjustable dog backpack and carrier. Also, if you’re going to use while biking, then crisscrossing the straps for security seems to be an efficient safety measure.

All in all, this is a great dog backpack for carrying your smaller, young, or even senior puppy dog when it gets tired or it’s too hot outside.

Best of all, this Outward Hound Dog Backpack can be worn on either your front or back, which adds both flexibility and comfort for you and your pooch. It is so secure, that people have even trusted this backpack to let their kids or teenager carrying their dog around. The Kyjen PoochPouch also seems to be most popular for walking – and the tightening feature at the top is a huge bonus for both comfort and control.

#8: Outward Hound Quick Release Backpack

Outward Hound is a well-reputed name and the Quick Release Backpack is popular among both dog owners and trainers alike. Customers have reported having great luck with this backpack, and, true to its name is awesome for both using with your dog on a leash, and without. It comes with not only helpful pockets on the sides for carrying but also a special pocket to tuck the leash in if you want to let your dog run on its own.

This is a top pick for dog backpacks if you are searching for one that will allow you to easily pack for overnight trips and adventures. Most importantly, it’s durable and does what it’s designed to do. It also includes a very visible reflective stripe for your dog’s safety – and yours.

This Outward Hound backpack is designed with mid-sized to larger dogs in mind (100lb+), but, will fit on a smaller dog such as a terrier with the proper adjustments.

Overall, this is a great dog backpack, will tire your dogs out during exercise if loaded correctly, and has extra mesh pockets and lining to keep your dog cool when it’s hot out. People who bought this dog backpack received a lot of attention, and often were asked where they got it from so they could buy one too – which is always a good sign!

#9: Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Undoubtedly the cutest, soft, and practical pet carrier backpack available, the Pawaboo is a must-have.

This dog backpack is great for pups both big and small – from 3lbs all the way to 16lbs. Customers report that the Pawaboo has very flexible, and easily stretched material which means if your pet puts on a little weight or grows it will still fit. Also, it has a very cool design, is rugged, and pet owners are very happy with the various colors available for this pet carrier backpack.

Those that seem to benefit the most from this dog backpack are people who go for short trips to the mall, or other venues, parks, and even hiking trails. Best of all, the Pawaboo Pet Carrier is very cute, will get lots of attention, smiles, and is even fun for your pet.

Customers have also shared that their customer experience from Pawaboo was great and that they are very responsive. To top it off, this dog backpack has zippers on both sides, which makes putting your dog in and taking him out much easier on the go. This is also a great choice for those riding a bike or hitting the trails. The material is soft, and dogs appear most comfortable in this backpack in comparison to competing products.

One customer reported that the shoulder straps cut into his shoulders, but, it’s important to determine the appropriately sized dog backpack necessary, their weight, and whether or not it’s entirely secured before use.

How to choose a backpack for your dog?

Before purchasing a dog backpack, I strongly advise you to carefully analyze the backpack’s capacity in order to make sure it matches  your dog’s weight. Most models can carry a weight of around 10kg, but some do better and some do not. It’s always better to check just in case.

Another thing you should look for is the comfort offered to your dog, as your he will spend a lot of time in his bag and should not be uncomfortable at all. With the comfort of your dog in mind, carefully notice the material, the shape of the backpack but also the ventilation that makes it easier for him to breathe when he is carried ventrally or dorsally. 

Finally, it’s usually best to avoid taking the lowest price backpack you can find on the market. You would probably risk choosing a poor quality bag and you will quickly have to reinvest in a new model.


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