Best Hunting Axes of 2020

Hunting axes offer a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts the ability to maximize not only their chopping and hacking power, but, also safety and protection while out and about.

So, whether you are into wild gaming, camping, hiking, backpacking, or even long-distance drives the following are very efficient, practical, durable hunting axes currently available on the market.

We know how valuable a hunting axe can be, a knife, the difference between the two, and the evolutionary significance in how we’ve survived as a mankind through using majorly resourceful and effective tools like this for making it in the wild.

Now, new technology, and even added tools have made many major, more popular hunting axes exponentially more diverse. Below, you will find the best hunting axes – based on popularity, efficiency, safety, and durability.

#1: New Husqvarna 576926201

Husqvarna 26" Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe
  • Multi-purpose axe is a single-bit axe in traditional style
  • Head is attached to the hickory shaft using both a wooden...
  • Versatile axe used for tree felling, wood chopping, and...
  • The long handle provides power to the cut
  • Includes a leather edge cover

For the best, small tree, branch trimming hunting axe the New Husqvarna 576926201 Forest Axe is an excellent choice. This axe is effective for long-duration chopping, larger jobs, and is great for clearing bush. The New Husqvarna is also very comfortable in the hands, durable, and will hold up to most woodcutting jobs – as well as weather conditions.

Customers have reported that the Husqvarna Hunting Axe is great for using either a two-handed full swing or one-handed swing for those with a stronger grip and experience.

Also, the steel used to make this Husqvarna axe is hand-forged in Sweden and comes with the craftsmanship you’ve come to expect with a brand like Hults Burk.

Another positive feature of this hunting axe is the elegant, well-designed, durable, and firm hickory wood handle, and customers have received lots of compliments on the average tightness of grains in comparison to other hunting axes available on the market. And, the Husqvarna’s thin profile makes it great for making kindling – both small to relatively medium size.

All in all, this is an ideal hunting axe for cutting anything as strong and challenging as green hardwood, to seasoned maple – typically 8” or under. The nice leather edge cover that’s included and 1-year warranty is also great extras and benefits with this product.

And, while some would like to have seen a more extensive warranty program, the one year suits most consumers just fine. Few have complained about the axe not being properly filed upon receiving, although, a lot of customers enjoy sharpening their axe on their own to meet their specific standards.

For those new to hunting axes, doing so can easily be done by using Arkansas stones or Japanese water stone.

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#2: Hultafors Classic

The Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe 850G is one of the most competitive, everyday hunting axes available thanks to its flexible use, reliability, and durability right out of the box.

Thanks to the included, special leather cover with its precise, effective enclosure and secure functionality, your hunting axe will be kept safe, on-hand, and all the more compact for taking on your next outdoor adventure.

Customers report that the hand-forged steel used to manufacture the Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe is the same as major competitors – which means consistently swift, effective, sturdy, and reliable chopping power.

For nearly all customers, the Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe has been described to be sharp enough to shave right out-of-the-box, and that both its size and length are proportionate and reasonable to maximize while combining both power and precision.

Also, for those carrying their equipment in a backpack, or by hand during their next camping or hiking trip, this is the perfect solution. And, although the hatchet head appears to be about an extra pound of weight, it remains an overall well-balanced hunting axe for most outdoor excursion and survival needs.

With an excellent combination of manageability and control, the leverage with this Hulfators is competitive over larger axes – yet requires half the weight and energy.

One customer pointed out that their Hultafors had a secondary bevel that made it difficult for dominant right-handed use, or more precise, and longer jobs.

However, the Hultafors Classic remains a top rated hunting axe by customers for being a great replacement for both a knife saw and hatchet. And, the craftsmanship of this Hulfators is no exception.

For any customer seeking the best craftsmanship available in a hunting axe, and an ideal solution for camping, the Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe 850G is the way to go.

Also, as an added bonus the sharp edge below the head on the handle is a great “extra” for special carving jobs, and the unvarnished wood grain makes it so your hands are both comfortable and safe from blisters.

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#3: Trucker’s Friend

Trucker's Friend All Purpose Survival Tool-Made in the USA
  • Handy all-purpose hand tool designed for professional truck...
  • Cut branches, pry loose nails, chip away hard-packed ice,...
  • Includes curved axe, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire...
  • Shock-absorbing power grip and fiberglass handle
  • Made in the USA

An all-around excellent multi-tool, the Trucker’s Friend Hunting Axe is a very well-reviewed, light, modern, easy to use and durable axe for powering through most basic to medium level tasks out in the wilderness, camping, or even in your own backyard.

And, true to its name, the Trucker’s Friend is a primal choice for those looking for a dynamic, ergonomic, reliable multi-tool for emergencies and survival on their next Big Rig journey or road trip.

Some of the most uses for the Trucker’s Friend are breaking or chopping up branches, pulling nails, breaking ice, and even yard work – such as removing old fencing and brush.

Even better, Off Grid Tools provides a lifetime replacement guarantee for this hunting axe, which means it stands behind the quality and precision of its products.

Most importantly, durability, which customers have found both pleasure and convenience in – such as its cosmetically attractive, lighter, and none the less powerful fibreglass handle.

The Trucker’s Friend axe is made with a shock-absorbent grip, and wearing gloves during use is no problem. So, this axe again remains quite popular for all-around use, both for hunting and camping trips.

The Trucker’s Friend is also built with enough quality, durable steel that it will typically protect the handle and overall build integrity from any ‘over strikes’. This is because it’s made from axel-steel, which is a nice build bonus for those that are newer to using hunting axes.

The Trucker’s Friend, however, is equally popular among outdoorsman because, in comparison to competing for hunting axes, the steel in the head and grip at the end were designed to ensure minimal power loss with each swing.

So, while not ideal for chopping, it is great for prying (two claws) nails, ripping, shredding, and pounding. One customer even reported ease and convenience in using the Trucker’s Friend for destroying drywall.

Overall, this is a great combo of a hammer and axe and is much easier on your hands – while remaining safe enough to not accidentally stab yourself during transport or use. It is also great for digging holes, as a jack handle, and a must-have for any vehicle owner.

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#4: Estwing E24A

Estwing Sportsman's Axe - 14" Camping Hatchet with Forged Steel Construction & Genuine Leather Grip...
  • FORGED IN ONE PIECE - The most durable, longest lasting...
  • OUTDOOR VERSITILITY - Perfect for chopping logs, small trees...
  • HEAVY DUTY SHEATH - Includes ballistic nylon sheath to...
  • GENUINE LEATHER GRIP - Hand sanded and lacquered for a...
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our tools are proudly crafted in Rockford,...

Anyone that has worked or camped outdoors is likely already familiar with the Estwing brand. It has been around for over 70 years, and is a top-trusted all-American brand for sportsman tools and hunting axes.

Customers that used the Estwing E24A Sportsman’s Axe for hunting trips, camping, and backpacking found the high quality forging and leather grip to be very convenient, durable, and effective for nearly any task. And, since the head and handle are one piece, this remains a top favorite for hunting axes currently available on the market thanks to its unique design.

A lot of customers that are hunters and outdoorsman or backpackers have found the flat-back design to be great for hammering – such as staking – and other uses such as chopping and slicing bones, food, trees, lumber, and other resources in the wild.

So, for any outdoor enthusiast interested in getting the most practical, light, efficient, and conveniently sized hand-axe the Estwing E24A Sportsman’s Axe is a viable choice.

Some customers have seemed a bit unsatisfied with having to remove the stickers upon delivery, or struggled with the added gloss and weathering from this material and technique.

Though, it’s worth pointing out that it can be sanded down before use, with 100-grit sandpaper and is an easy fix. Overall, the Estwing hunting axe is a top choice if you’re in the market for a high quality, fun to use hand-axe for chopping wood, and are looking for the best balance in weight and quality.

This axe is definitely a must-have for any outdoors man and those dependent upon firewood for survival.

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#5: Gerber Gator Combo Axe

Gerber Gator Combo Axe [31-001054]
  • Forged steel head for blade durability + striking force.
  • Glass-filled nylon handle hides a fixed blade knife for...
  • Gator Grip handle material provides sure grip in all...
  • Knife is held inside handle magnetically, for easy + secure...
  • Any condition. Any task. Get out there.

A perfect combination of mobility and compact design, the Gerber Gator Combo Axe [31-001054] is a favorite among customers thanks to its short handle, and quality knife to axe functionality.

Customers have even reported using this axe with success to bring down a 12-foot tree. The only disclaimer, which a lot of customers, in general, seem to put on almost all hunting axes online is, use a wet stone before use to get the necessary edge or sharpness on your axe blade.

The magnetic, double-secure knife safety function feature ensures the knife will not come loose during use of the axe – but it’s recommended to remove the knife during use anyway, when possible.

This Gerber Hunting Axe is a favourite among both backpackers and hunters, as a survival tool for preparing your food, as well as the fire (tinder) necessary to cook it. Few have referenced this as a “novelty item” because of its size. But, in reality, it’s a very innovative and meaningful design that will hold up to most demands out in the wild.

A top pick for boy scouts alike, the leverage with this hunting axe is rated as fair by most customers. But, thanks to its short handle is great for packing and taking on the go – while remaining light and small.

Few have complained about the Velcro-strap being too long, but, if this is the largest complaint overall then it’s a good buy.

So, if you’re in the market for a light-work hunting axe then the Gerber Gator Combo Axe is the perfect fit for you. It’s also easy to put on your belt and is designed with comfort in mind.

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#6: Yes4All Multi Functional

Yes4All MH-H307 Multi Functional Camping Axe H307 with Saw + Fire Starter - Ã'²BAAVZ, Black, 15.75...
  • ALL - IN - ONE COMBO AXE FOR CAMPSITE: Combines a stainless...
  • RAZOR-SHARP 420 STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Offers higher blade...

The Yes4All Multi Functional Camping Axe H307 is the perfect solution for light to medium-duty work while out and about in the wild, or simply for using around your home. With a sharp blade, durable, and top-heavy axe this is a great multi-tool and hunting axe for taking on your next backpacking or camping trip. Customers especially enjoy that the belt clip lock for holding this tool will allow you to flex to various positions up to 90 degrees from its original stationary position. The clip design is sturdy and is secured with a metal screw – as opposed to plastic – which is nice.

This Yes4All Hunting Axe is a unique approach to the technology, as it uses a hollow plastic handle which means the weight distribution and balance might be different than what you’re used to. However, customers have reported that this helps for deeper chops, and more accurate, effective swings – a “double-edged axe” so to speak. Also, for those looking for a light, compact hunting axe and knife that’s as easy to put away as it is to take out, this combo hunting axe and a handsaw is a great solution. It also includes a fire-starter which is nice, compact, and secures itself into the tool to be used later on and kept dry.

With a hefty blade and handy saw-knife, backpackers and campers alike have had great luck with this tool for splitting wood, and find it practical to use the knife after sawing.

Overall, this is a great, lighter, and mobile hunting axe with a lot of extras, and one that won’t be as abrasive on your hands during use – with or without gloves.

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#7: MTech USA Camping Axe

MTech USA Camping Axe, Two-Tone Blade, Black Rubberized Handle, 11-Inch Overall
  • Compact, easily portable tactical axe great for camping and...
  • 3-inch satin finished 440 stainless steel blade
  • Durable rubber handle with a comfortable grip
  • Includes black nylon sheath to cover the blade when not in...
  • 11-inch overall length

Sometimes the best hunting axe for a camper – especially first-timers – is a smaller, convenient, flexible, and equally effective camping axe. Customers rate the MTech USA Camping Axe as being just that, and the perfect hunting axe solution for those that are looking for something small, compact, and simple enough to both store and use on the go.

Also, it’s a great hunting axe for the simple fact that it’s typically been received sharpened, and ready to go out-of-the-box.

Few, however, have complained about the smaller handle and length or girth being inadequate for prolonged striking or chopping. Although, a hunting axe this small, and hand-axes in general, will not typically be designed for non-stop use. Well, not without paying at least an ‘an arm and a leg’ that is (no pun intended).

Needless to say, customers overall rate the MTech Hunting Axe as a nice, one piece steel head and shaft that has the necessary weight and size to get most branching, as well as chopping twigs and bush adequately when out and about in the wild, hiking, or even your front yard.

Unfortunately, this hunting axe hasn’t received the greatest ratings for stripping bark or shaping ends of a log to make posts.

However, this again remains more of a practical, hand-axe for those that are looking for a hunting axe to be used in emergencies, store in their cars, and complete basic functions while out in the wild.

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#8: Yes4all Outdoor Camping

Yes4All Camping Axe with Saw - Full Combo Includes A Plastic Sheath and A Fire Starter (Optional:...
  • ALL - IN - ONE COMBO AXE FOR CAMPSITE: Combines a stainless...
  • RAZOR-SHARP 420 STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Offers higher blade...

Getting your hands on a ‘half steel axe half tomahawk’ type of weapon now a days is pretty rare without spending a lot of cash. Although, the Yes4all Outdoor Camping Hunting Survival Steel Axe is a pretty awesome substitute, and definitely lives up to the expectations as far as cosmetics go – with a pointy spiked, and sharpened edge.

Although, customers seemed a bit displeased that the head is welded on, and not ‘full tang’. But, for those that are looking for a simple hunting axe to use for bug-out bags, or backpacking this is a good choice. Also, even for campers to chop up twigs or skin a smaller animal this hunting axe would work well.

On another note, some customers have expressed concerns that the included handle is not ‘authentic’ paracord, and even with the nylon rope material – and extra rope – that it hurts their hands over time through regular use.

This hunting axe overall, however, is very small weight wise, so the strokes don’t have a lot of power to them. But, at the same time, your bag is a lot lighter if you’re carrying it.

The Yes4all Survival Steel Axe appears to be made from milled steel, which is a lot better than stamped steel from a sheet during the manufacturing process. Also, the extra nylon included can be used to create a wrist loop or bag tie.

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#9: Yes4All H105

Yes4All Camping Hunting Survival Axe H105 - ²HAVIZ
  • 3-5/8 inch stainless 420 steel blade
  • Measured 11-5/8-inch overall length. Weight aprox. 24 oz.
  • Skid proof handle
  • Black nylon sheath included
  • Magnesium Fire Starter is NOT included in this listing

Yes4All is a very diverse, well-reputed manufacturer for making hunting and survival gear, tools, and the likes. And, when it comes to this Survival Steel Multi Functional Axe in particular, it seems to remain durable and sharp for making fires, chopping up tinder, twigs, or even batting away bush.

With that being said, the sheath included has been reported to be of undesirable quality – so some have opted to use a different sheath.

But, if you’re looking for a small, lightweight hunting axe that has good fire steel, and is ideal for an emergency bag then this is likely one of the most cost-effective products for you. Also, the included fire starter is a nice bonus, and the edge has been reported to be razor-sharp right out-of-the-box.

Lastly, the handle is long enough to get relatively decent leverage for smaller jobs, making this an ideal hunting axe for preppers and campers – and especially those with smaller hands.

Overall, for what you pay, we still give the Yes4All H105 a positive rating and recommend it to you based on the specifications above.

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MTECH USA Xtreme MX-AXE10BK Axe with Black G10 Handle

An excellent solution for those looking for an EDC or “everyday carry”, the MTECH USA XTREME MX-AXE10BK Axe is a top choice. It is very small overall, but, still about ¼” solid, which means it will still get smaller jobs done. And, there is no ‘huge’ back spike which means it can be effectively carried around daily without causing self-harm or other accidents.

For those looking to use this MTECH Hunting Axe as a Tomahawk, it has its shares of both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, it spins faster than a normal tomahawk and also appears to have less striking power. Although, this could simply mean it needs more speed to do the trick.

Also, for those looking to carry it securely the sheath would be adequate for hiking. But, as far as everyday carry (EDC) goes it would be ideal to get your hands on something like a Kydex rig to support such a function.

As with any purchase, especially of something as important as a hunting axe, just ensure you check out the dimensions before purchasing. Overall, this is not a bad hunting axe to chop up small game.

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Which Hunting Axe is Right for Me?

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the best hunting axe it’s best to first determine your expected price range or budget, along with the necessary size for the types of use you expect to get out of it.

Additionally, compactness of course counts, and, the overall design can dictate the ease of carrying, storage, or taking out and putting away your axe safely.

As you will notice above, hunting axes come in a variety of sizes, styles, models, and of course functions. Additionally, some of the manufacturers have added special features or parts – especially durable materials.

And, some have even thrown in extras like fire-starters to help you along the way on your next outdoor excursion.

Most importantly, take your time when determining the best hunting axe for you, and go with a reputed company, a product that makes sense, and one that is going to be durable enough to justify the amount of money you spend on it.

Sacrificing quality for the price is not always optional for some. But, as you’ll find above, there are several affordable, high quality, and efficient hunting axes available on the market to fit your needs.

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